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Jack helped me with a purchase of an investment property and was most helpful and diligent through the process. He walks me through questions I have in detail to make sure I am comfortable with the decisions I'm making. I really appreciate hi...

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Erwin S.

Jack is a stellar agent who is an absolute expert in his field. But most importantly to my fiance and I is his genuine caring nature. Since day 1, never once did we feel the slightest worry that he was going to take advantage of us. Jack always...

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Sarah W.

Jack is a very responsible and professional agent. We trust him very much and we are very happy that he helped us buy a house before my baby is born. I would like to recommend him to all home hunters, because he is really reliable and professio...

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Alex G.

Jack is a very professional and diligent real estate agent. the most impressive image to me is his positive attitude and quick responses to all my questions. I am happy with the house Jack helped me to purchase. It is important for a real estat...

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Annie L.

Jack is a very professional and reliable real estate agent. I am really satisfied when he helped me bought a house in Hacienda Heights.

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We recently got our new house with Jack's help. This is my first experience and even without my boyfriend's input from his past experiences, I can tell Jack is superior with his work. He's knowledgeable, diligent, and honest, and he took car...

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Joey C.

Jack was very responsive and hard working. He had been showing me house for 6 months and readjusted quickly to adopt market situation and customer need.

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Jeff C.

Jack is a great real estate agent. He went to more than ten properties with me, some were listings provided by him and some were listings I found online. He does not pressure you to look at only his own listings, but instead he works with you...

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Amanda Hong

Jack is very knowledgeable and provides great service.He helped me bought a house last year. We had fun and he worked hard for me.He is the best at what he does.

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